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5 day trip



The perfect adventure in 5 days

Live like a movies star in Hollywood,
Bask in the sunshine at Venice Beach,
Leave your secrets behind in Las Vegas,
Shed a tear over the amazing view of Grand Canyon and last but not least,
make memories for a lifetime.

Live the American Dream

Book your road trip today!

Prices start at NOK 19,966,- (applies to all passengers in Harley-Davidson, cabriolet or bus) depending on the number of persons. If you want to drive Harley-Davidson or a cabriolet or big American car, the price increases depending on how many participants in your group.

The price will then vary from 26 966 kr and upwards depending on the number in the group. The cheapest is therefore to participate as a passenger in a car or on a bus. Do you want to be a ride a Harley-Davidson, or in a cabriolet you should ride with a colleague / friend who is driving. The convertible is in practice a two-seat.

The lowest price can be booked by filling up big US cars, 12 or 15-seat buses, possibly full size buses. We should be at least 10 people in the group and can take groups up to 50 people in a group.

Trips tailor made to suit you!

Let’s tailor your trip to an adventure for you and your friends, or for a company. Contact us at: +0047 9066 7074 or send us an email at with your wishes and we will help you make your dream trip a reality!

You can also choose a longer trip or shorter.

All this included:

AIRFARE, HOTELS, HARLEY DAVIDSON or CABRIOLET / Open American car, such as the Mustang muscle car. Fuel all the way and Norwegian travel guide who speaks Norwegian and English. Event programs in both Hollywood, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon are also included

You will experience only the best of the best in only 4-6 days: HOLLYWOOD – LAS VEGAS – GRAND CANYON

Food and beverages are exluded from the total cost. Everything else is included!



Route 66 USA is the worlds most famous road trip – her you will get all the best highlights in only 4-6 days.

ADJUST THE TRIP TO YOUR NEEDS: Contact us at +0047 9066 7074 and, and we will tailor a trip for you and your colleagues.

You can choose whether you want 4.5.6 or 7 day travel. If you do not have time to get away for so long, you can get this whole experience package on departure from Gardermoen / Oslo on Thursday morning and be home in Oslo Sunday evening, possibly Monday morning.


Day 1:

09.00 – Arrival LAX.

12:00 – Joint departure to Hollywood with the famous Walk of Fame and no less famous Mann’s Chinese Theater. On the sidewalk along the Hollywood Boulevard, more than 2500 bronze stars have been laid down to honor  famous figureheads in the entertainment industry. The boulevard around Mann’s Chinese Theater is the place one can really breathe in Hollywood’s “star dust”

16:00 – Departure to Santa Monica and Venice beach. We will have join transportation from the hotel by apointment made with our guide.

Santa Monica Pier is the western starting point for Historic Route 66. After some Baywatch bathing and photography of lifeguards, we can recommend the walk across to the neighboring Venice Beach. It is also worth a visit.

Venice beach was originally intended to be California’s response to Venice. Attempts were made to lay channels during the last century, but the dream was never properly realized. Today, Venice is the city’s artists’ district, and a very vibrant part of Los Angeles. On the beach you can meet celebrities, half-naked grandparents on roller skates, acrobats, musicians, eateries, hippies and businesses in several industries. The guides will suggest a place on Venice beach for a common lunch, if desired.

For those who want to shop heavily or just dream away, we recommend Rodeo Drive in Santa Monica, one of the world’s most exclusive shopping streets, perfect for window shopping. Around the corner is a Macies store.

We have joint transportation to the hotel after Venice beach by appointment with our guides.

In the evening we relax by the pool and have dinner. The adventure itself starts early next morning. The guide will hold a meeting (NB! Meetings) this evening, and inform about the next day’s driving and about preparing  yourself for the American roads. Get a good night’s sleep so that the last rest of “European” time disappears from your body.

Day 2:

08:00 We have had breakfast and will take the metro to Universal Studios. Historically most people join the excursion to Universal Studios, but it is obviously possible to spend the morning at the hotel pool. (Those who do not want to join Universal Studios pick up their vehicles by 12.30.)

We will take a group picture in front of Universal Globe and agree on time of departure before entering Universal Studios. Inside the facility all attractions are included in the entrance fee. It’s easy to find out where they are and free maps get you everywhere.
We would recommend starting with the Studio tour, because there will be long queues later in the day. Here you are guided by familiar scenes and live shows from old and new movies, and from comics we recognize from television. We recommend otherwise “Terminator”, “Waterworld”, “Schrek”, “Simpsons” and “Jurassic Park”. Do you need some extra speed and excitement, there is the “Mummy” case. More you will probably not have time for when you will need to eat and drink as well. There’s dining from kiosks and cafes all over the place.

We will stay at  Universal until about 12:30. Then we meet after agreement with the Common Transport Guides to Harley-Davidson in Glendale, where newly painted annual models of Harley’s are waiting for us. All the necessary insurance policies you need are included in the total price of the trip.

Half of tour participants begins with checkout of bicycles, while the other half make the latest purchases of helmets, jackets, etc. Most people choose to buy a brand new Harley helmet as a memory of the trip.

14:00 –We start by driving out of L A on one of the city highways and stop after about 45 minutes to check equipment, clothing etc and continue toward Victorville and Barstow. In one of these places we eat lunch and fill gas. NB! Everyone always fills up with a full tank and fills every fuel tank. We open three or four pumps, and everybody sets up in rows at the pumps. Follow the instructions of the main guide.

We continue on to Mojave Nature Reserve, and across to Nevada. Here we take a stop midway. Mojave desert covers 65,000 sqkm, and is often referred to as the place God forgot. During World War II, U S Army had a training camp here for soldiers to Europe and North Africa. The threat that they would be sent back here if they did not hit the Germans are claimed to be the reason for the turning point in the war. Be sure to consider air mirrors in the typical Duckberg style.

When we arrive at the hotel Stratosphere in Las Vegas, it may take some time with check-in – because Las Vegas is – Las Vegas. This is the only hotel with individual check-in. So just throw it out in Las Vegas life. For those who want to be in the hotel in the evening we can recommend two of the hotel’s restaurants, an Italian – or a genuine 60’s dinner with singing waiters. Both are at the far right of the reception.

Day 3:

There is no mandatory group program during the daytime, but we recommend everyone take the walk down the famous strip (or Las Vegas Boulevard, which is the official name). It’s a bit of a way to walk (about 6 km), so take good shoes along, water, and protection from the sun! Just after the start of the hotel, you come to the Candlelight Wedding Chapel, which celebrates people 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (We include a bottle of champagne for participants who marry on the trip).

The chapel is next to Algiers hotel, which is the oldest remaining hotel (from 1953) on the Strip. On the other side of the street we find Stardust, one of Vegas’ most famous landmarks. On the same side of the street is The Fashion Show Mall, Vegas’ largest shopping mall with over 200 stores. (Should you do get a good deal, we would rather recommend Premium Outlets. Here you can find Armani with up to 80% off! The outlet is a few kilometers from the hotel, take a taxi.

The next highlight is Treasure Island, where there is a great pirate battle every 90 minutes. On the other hand, there is a new, exclusive Wyatt hotel. Why not have a cold drink at the waterfall in the bar? The closest neighbor is the luxurious Venetian hotel, a little piece of Italy. Here you can see copies of St. Mark’s Square, the Doge Palace, the bell tower, and it is obviously possible to take a gondola ride on the canals. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum has been placed inside the hotel.

Right across you will find the tropical paradise of Mirage. In the evening you will be able to view volcanic eruptions every 15 min. Then the garden turns into a flameshow with fire spraying water. Inside the casino there are rare white tigers. The neighborhood of Mirage is the Caesars Palace from 1965, which is still one of the city’s best casinos. Here you can take a rolling sidewalk into the Roman Forum under a star-filled night sky. You will also find some of the city’s most exclusive shops, and probably see some famous faces.

If you cross the street you will first get a feeling of being in Asia. The Imperial Palace is famous for its large collection of veteran cars. If you go past the Hilton Flamingo and fancy French baguettes, you are on track. Here you can see both the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees and the Seine. The baguettes are served in mini triumph arches. The wall is the Alladin hotel from 1963, where Elvis Presley married his Priscilla. For married couples this is still the place.

Further down the street is the MGM Grand hotel, the United States largest. Outside, of course, is a giant statue of Leo, the roaring lion in the trademark of MGM Studios. Across the street you will find New York with both the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. Before visiting Luxor with Pyramid and Sphinx, you can go through an English medieval city.

Tired from all this sightseeing? Take The Loop back to the hotel. This is a monorail that stops at the five biggest casinos. The last stop is the Sahara, short distance from the Stratosphere hotel.

In the evening the guide will arrange a group dinner at Harley-Davidson cafe in the middle of town. Here, real Harley’s hover over the ceiling.

After a good dinner, take the trip to the spectacular water and light show at the Bellagio hotel.

365 evenings a year there are a wide range of concerts and shows in Vegas. Here come all the big stars. There are many places online selling tickets to the different settings. If it is appropriate for you with a show, you should fix it before leaving from home.

We have a day program in Las Vegas that everyone is very happy with. Of course, if you have special wishes, you can pick from Las Vegas’s official website there anytime: You can access everything Las Vegas has to offer by checking, see Tours, Shows and Attractions. You can fly or drive mostly anythin with an engine or shoot most most firearms. Book in advance online or book while in Vegas.

Day 4:

08:00  –This will be a hot morning, so be sure to have plenty of hydration on the bike. We drive through the entire L V Strip on the morning pass and onward towards Boulder city. At the giant Hoover dam we take half an hour’s stop.

We drive further through the desert to Kingman, where we take a quick gas stop. Now an interesting leg begins on winding, narrow roads through the Black Mountains and Sitgreaves pass to the ancient gold graver town of Oatman, Arizona.

Here the time has obviously stood still for many years. Beware of donkeys, walking around the only street and making traffic jams. There will be a couple of film and photo sessions along the way, so we try to drive as much as possible. We eat lunch and take in the special atmosphere of Oatman. Stop is about 90 minutes.

We drive the same way back to Kingman – it’s the most entertaining route – and further along Route 66 to Hackberry. This is a vacant place where there is only an authentic Route 66 gas station (not in operation) and a “general store”. Here we take a 15 min stop and an ice cold coke in the shade.

We continue along the route to Seligman. The town has only one street so getting around is not a real problem 😉

Day 5:

Are you really hungry in the morning? The closest neighbor to the hotel is the best Route 66 dinner. An early breakfast visit here is really worth the money. Full American breakfast is served with bacon, eggs and hashbrowns, or why not order Silver Dollar pancakes with maple syrup, a classic from the American breakfast table. Fantastic!

08:00 –We meet at the cycles at the agreed upon time and drive up to the “entrance” to the Grand canyon. This is an information and experience center, which shows, among other things, a neck breaking IMAX movie from the Grand canyon. The screen is over 20 meters high and an experience in itself. The performance takes about 45 minutes.

Those who have signed up for a helicopter trip over the Grand canyon follow the guide down to the base. This is one of the trip’s real highlights for many, and is actually as good as people say. Visit our website for registration for a half-hour helicopter tour, which also includes the entrance fee of the IMAX cinema.

Historically there have been some participants who were not pre-registered, and who regretted that when they got there. Unfortunately, as a rule, the train has gone. There is a high demand, and all departures are usually fully booked. Our advice: Book your trip before leaving home !!!

We arrange a group buffet lunch before we ride the bikes and drive up to one of the views of the Grand canyon. All participants are photographed at Harley with Grand Canyon in the background. Afterwards it is up to each individual to explore the wonders of this nature on its own. There are many views and constantly new impressions, and it is easy to find the tourist trails in the national park.


12:00 – We set the course back to Los Angeles

Travelers have either airplane tickets for this night or the following morning.

Magic Moments - Worlds Craziest Festivals

Vi i Route 66 International startet hele eventyret i 2003 ved et brennende ønske om å gi deg verdens vakreste eventyr & jordklodens beste reiseopplevelser og de mest eventyrlige reiser. Nå utvider vi ved å lage en under-avdeling, eller underholdnings-avdeling om du ønsker, som heter ”Magic Moments – verdens galeste festivaler”

Her skal vi finne eventer og festivaler helt utenom det vanlige, som gjør at du har opplevd noe helt annet enn folk flest når du kommer hjem fra denne turen. For det er det det handler om: Å skape Magic Moments i form av reise-opplevelser verden rundt. Enten det er på motorsykkel, eller uten motorsykkel.

Hvor: Vi gir deg herved World’s Most Crazy Festivals verden rundt, vi skal gi deg verdens rareste, morsomste og mest opplevelsesrike reiser.

Hva: Vi skal lage Magic Moments som du husker resten av livet.

Hvem er invitert:  Du og dine venner! I utgangspunktet er dette en medlemstur for de som har kjørt med Route 66 International siden 2003, og dermed er livsvarig medlem av venners-venner-foreningen The Route 66 Club. Men du kan også foreslå og anbefale andre venners-venner: Har du godt humør, byr på deg selv, er raus med dine medmennesker og turkamerater, og har lett for å le – er du herved invitert, uansett kjønn, alder og postnummer.

Magic Moments - dette får du oppleve

Kom gjerne også med tips til oss om andre sprø, gale, vanvittige, morsomme festivaler dersom du vet om andre crazy festivaler verden rundt.


Surfe-VM på Hawaii


Hawaii, USA
VM i surfing.
Video om festivalen

Burning Man Festival


Festival i Nevada.
Les mer om festivalen

Frozen Dead Guy Festival


Festival i Colorado.
Les mer om festivalen



Ølfestival i München.
Les mer om festivalen

Karnevalet i Rio


Verdens mest kjente karneval.
Bilder fra festivalen

Trinidad Carneval


Afro-karibisk karneval.
Bilder fra festivalen

Alice Springs Dry Boat Race


Tørrbåtløpfestival i Alice Springs.
Les mer om festivalen

Norge Ski Jump


Skidhoppermästerskap i Illinois.
Les mer om arrangementet

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