Route 66 International

The World's largest Route 66 Tour Operator

It all started with 20 buddies going on a road trip

The Norwegian Arve Stallvik discovered this fairytale of a journey in 2003 and brought with him 20 buddies on what was supposed to be Norway’s coolest boys-trip. Stallvik, as a news journalist, travel journalist and author embarked on the trip together with his friends.

Just a few years later, what started with 20 friends increased to more than 1000 “travel buddies”. By 2008, what had started as a hobby had turned into the world’s largest U.S Route 66 company. With over 30 organized trips and over 1000 participants, this marked the beginning of what is today known as Route 66 International.

Captured moments on the road

Participants from Europe, South Africa and South America

Today, Route 66 International has participants from all over Europe, South-Africa and South America and organizes adventure tours all over the world. The company has its very own Route 66 Publishing Company, its own Route 66 vehicles and buses, its own Route 66 whiskey and staff situated in various European locations.

The company also holds a patent on The Original Route 66 Collection. The Original Route 66 jacket is the natural collection item. You can find out more about this jacket and our clothes collection which was started during the company’s 10-year anniversary in 2013.

Arve Stallvik

Arve Stallvik har reist verden rundt i 25 år som fotograf, journalist, forfatter og eventyrer. I USA kalles han bare «Mr. Route 66». Han har besøkt Antarktis/Sydpolen-området to ganger, vært på alle verdens kontinenter, besøkt så godt som alle stater i USA, og har som en av svært få mennesker i verden gått på ski til Nordpolen sammen med polfarer Børge Ousland.

Ifølge Ousland er Arve Stallvik den første trønder som noensinne har gått på ski til Nordpolen og en av bare cirka 100 mennesker i hele verden som har gått på ski med pulk til Nordpolen og overnattet på veien. Det var på denne skituren til Nordpolen han bestemte seg for å danne et Route 66-firma og vise folk veien tvers over Amerika.

Firmaet heter Route 66 International – – og er i dag verdens største Route 66 USA-arrangør.