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What started as trips on U.S Route 66 has developed into adventure trips not only in the U.S, but around the world. We organize a number of trips in the U.S, and also in South Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

What was originally a trip where you were to ride bikes has also developed into several different packades where you can also drive a car and ride a bus. We have the most experienced tour guides which guarantee you a safe trip that you will get the absolutely most out of. Expect a adventure of a lifetime when you book one of our tours at Route 66 International.

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Following their dreams on Route 66 USA

An adventurous trip

I’d like to thank you for a very professional and adventurous trip together with my 2 sons. The guides and tour operator had done a fantastic job to make this a success. This is something that everyone should experience with their travel company. Thank you for a great trip that we strongly recommend.

Kristian Thingvold

Thanks for a fantastic trip!

I’d like to thank you for the fantastic trip we had in July-August (route 66). We had Helge Njå as our tour guide and he was fantastic, he was informal, made clear announcements and was ALWAYS available. You have to take good care of people like Helge! This is not the last trip we took part in, we/I will travel with you again. You have to keep me updated about the trips to come and other things.

Knut Oaland

We had a fantastic trip!

We had a fantastic trip with nice experiences. The trip was well organized and many enjoyable stops and sunshine on all the days. We also had a really great guide, Helge Hjå and the assisting guide on the trip was also a friendly person.

Anne & Birger Westlin

The entire trip was perfect!!

I can summarize the trip in one word and that is Perfect!!! My brother, father and myself have had an adventure together that we will never forget. We thought the arrangement was super, the guides were super, the hotels good, the bikes great and the attractions were good! What we appreciate the most with the trip was that we got to drive lots on the old route 66 and not too much on the highway.

Bjarte Thingvold

U.S Route 66 - an adventure through 10 states

Everybody should experience U.S Route 66 once in a lifetime, and if you haven’t wrote that bucket list yet, make sure to add Route 66 USA on top when you start. We take you on the world’s most beautiful road trip during 20 days from Chicago to Hollywood/Los Angeles.

We travel 4,500 km, through eight states and 3 different time zones. You will travel through the most colorful deserts, unbelievable national parks and the whole historic original U.S Route 66 with all the attractions along what is also called The Mother Road.

Helge Njå

77 times on U.S Route 66. Helge Njå, aka “Heineken”, is one of our most experienced and well known tour guides, who holds the world record on riding U.S Route 66. In june 2017 he had been riding The Mother Road 77 times, and according to himself, he is aiming for at least 100.

The 45 year old biker has been riding a distance equivalent to 6 times around the globe, and recieved a trophy after his 50th tour on U.S Route 66 with special greetings from Harley-Davidson.

Helge is as popular as well known as tour leader, and also leads and guides other tours in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan.