The Cuba Adventure

Hemingway og Che Guevara tur

The Cuba Adventure is an exclusive tour arranged in October each year. We rode and discovered this tour in 2013, just like we rediscovered Route 66 in 2003. We will take you to see the best of Cuba with the taste of real Cuban rum, the world’s best cigars, traveling in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and Che Guevara.

On the Cuba Adventure you will get the experience of traveling back in time 50-60 years, riding in original classic American cars with your own personal driver on a road trip that no other travel organizer can offer.

You will travel under the lead of the best Norwegian tour leaders along with local guides, experiencing treats and surprises regularly along the road.

Route 66 International is the original Route 66 tour company who started arranging these road trips in 2003. Today, we are the world’s largest Route 66 tour operator who offers quality, safety and the best and most experienced tour guides.

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The Cuba Adventure
Duration: 17 days

Flight and transportation:
Direct flight from Oslo – Havana or book your own flight to a reduced tour price.
Important information prior to the trip

Classic American Car with fuel and transport in and between cities and towns during 17 days included in the tour.

Single room with breakfast for 17 days included in the tour.

Other treats included:
– Welcome and closing dinner (pay your own drinks)
– The best cuban rum (7 year old)
– The world´s best cigars
– Regular treats and surprises along the road
– Special prices on cigar humidors and and other cuban products
– Lifelong membership in The Route 66 International Club

Additional events and excursions
Habano Cigar Festival

We are currently updating the day by day program.

We reserve the right to change our programs and schedules.
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