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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need an Entry Permit/VISA?

All participants must apply for an entry permit prior to traveling. This is done electronically with an online application:

If the ESTA permit is not granted through the online application, you must apply for a visa through the American embassy in your home country. You are responsible for getting a travel visa in time as well as a travel insurance.

Which time of the year is the best to ride?

We arrange trips from May to September. If you have the possibility, with regards to work and family life, we recommend a trip in May, June or September. These months have the most comfortable climate. July and August are warmer.

How and what should I pack?

The rule of thumb is one big backpack/bag per person + hand luggage. All baggage is placed in the accompanying vehicle with the exception of the few things you need throughout the day (sunscreen, rain gear, camera etc.). All bikes come with bags.

We recommend that you bring neck-pillows, sleep-inducing tablets, support socks/stockings and perhaps a good book.

See “Before the trip/tour” for more information

What if another vehicle runs into my bike?

In this case the head tour guide will make sure that you get a “police report” regarding the damage made, which is then handed in to the Harley dealer when we return the bikes. Your insurance company will take care of the rest.

Also see “About the bikes and other vehicles/rental and insurance” 

Can I drive a car instead of a bike?

Yes, you can of course drive a car during the tour. As people were asking for this option, it was added  as an option as you book the trip.

Also see “About the bikes and other vehicles”

What if I loose my passport?

A lost passport must immediately be reported to police officials in the U.S. Your embassy or general consulate will then issue a new emergency passport, which usually has a fee associated with the service. An emergency passport can only be issued to persons that can document their citizenship.

See “Good to know on the Road” for more information about embassys

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