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Copyright and personal information

Disclaimer, protection and use

Protection and use of personal information

We want you to feel safe when you visit our website and assure you that personal information you provide with regards to email address and credit-cards are securely and confidentially managed. When you provide sensitive information such as a credit card number in order to make a payment for the tour, online banking and payment services such as VISA, MASTERCARD and TELLER/DIBS are used to ensure 100% safety.

Statement of protection of personal information (hereafter referred to as R66) is committed to protect your privacy. You can visit most of our website pages without providing us with any personal information. However, at times we will require certain information in order to provide you with certain services that you may request, in order to let you pay for the tours, to confirm your payment etc. This statement with regards to the protection of personal information explains our methods of data collection and the use of data under various circumstances. This declaration of protection of personal information applies to the website

Collection of personal information
When we need information that identifies individuals or information that enables us to contact you, we will always ask for your consent. Normally we will ask for personal details when you order airplane tickets, a Harley or, in some cases, when you order third party products through Personal information collected by is limited to your email address, cell phone number, name, country, and date of birth. We require your passport details if we are assisting you in the booking of flights to our destinations such as the USA etc. We also need a credit card number or other details related to purchase and billing.

We store all your registration information under [My Page], which you personally administer. You can log into [My Page] with a personal username and password. This is stored in our website.

Use of personal information:

We use personal details for the following purposes:
– To ensure that the trip fits your needs.
– To deliver products and services, such as newsletters, special offers, airplane tickets, and other information you request or purchase.
– To help us create and publish content that is relevant to you.
– To notify you about new routes, special offers, updated information and other new services.
– To provide you with access to parts of our website with limited access.

Control of personal information
When you register yourself, or in some other way provide R66 with personal details, we will not share this information with a third party without your consent, with the exception of aforementioned circumstances. The information will only be used for the purposes indicated above.

Access to personal information
We provide you the means to ensure that your personal information is correct and updated. If you register yourself, you are able to view and edit your personal information in [My Page]. You will be asked to provide a username and password before these details will be shown.

Copyright and disclaimer

Photo and video
All videos and photos on (C)’s – All Rights Reserved.
We want to emphasize that all photos shared by means of Shutterfly or other video/photo pages on our websites are considered to be the property of Everyone who posts photos is informed about this, and the photos will be labeled with our logo

No participants on any of our trips can, in retrospect, claim honorariums for photos or videos posted on the website. This applies to guides, journalists, photographers, participants or others on our trips. These photos are regarded as free holiday photos from the tour, which www.route66info.usa does not earn any profits from.

As of today anyone may download photos from our website for free as long as it is intended only for private use and the logo remains on the photos. If the images are to be used for commercial purposes, must be contacted.

If photos are used for commercial purposes without us first receiving a written request, we will automatically pursue legal measures through our lawyers.

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