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Tour codes and tour guides

On our Route 66 USA tours

We use tour codes on our tours, and one of the reasons is for you who want to travel with a specific tour guide. If you want to travel with our tour guide Helge Njå, for example, you need to book any of the the 1A and 2A tour dates.

Tour codes and tour guides 2018

1A Chicago-L.A and 2A L.A-Chicago

Tour guide: Helge Njå

Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 1A Chicago-LA 8/5-26/5
Juli 1A Chicago-LA 15/6-3/7
August 1A Chicago-LA 23/7-10/8
September 1A Chicago-LA 30/8-17/9
Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 2A LA-Chicago 26/5-14/6
Juli 2A LA-Chicago 3/7-22/7
August 2A LA-Chicago 10/8-29/8
September 2A LA-Chicago 17/9-6/10

1B Chicago-L.A and 2B L.A-Chicago

Tour guide: Tor Anders Søfteland

Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 1B Chicago-LA 15/5-2/6
Juli 1B Chicago-LA 22/6-10/7
Augusti 1B Chicago-LA 30/7-17/8
September 1B Chicago-LA 6/9-24/9
Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 2B LA-Chicago 2/6-21/6
Juli 2B LA-Chicago 10/7-29/7
August 2B LA-Chicago 17/8-5/9
September 2B LA-Chicago 24/9-13/10

1C Chicago-L.A and 2C L.A-Chicago

Tour guide: Øivind Lislerud

Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 1C Chicago-LA 22/5-9/6
Juli 1C Chicago-LA 29/6-18/7
Augusti 1C Chicago-LA 7/8-25/8
September 1C Chicago-LA 14/9-3/10
Tour codes Tour dates
Juni 2C LA-Chicago 9/6-28/6
Juli 2C LA-Chicago 18/7-6/8
August 2C LA-Chicago 25/8-13/9

Route 66 USA tour guides


With 77 tours on U.S Route 66, Helge Njå, isn’t only our most experienced and well known tour guides, he also holds the world record on riding U.S Route 66.

Helge is as popular as well known as tour leader, and also leads and guides other tours in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan.

Read more about our tours and Helge Njå
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