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Terms and conditions

while traveling with us at Route 66 International

By signing up on our tours, you as a participant is confirming your acceptance of the terms and conditions of Route 66 International. It is therefore important to read through the terms and conditions before signing up for your adventure.

Current Prices Apply

The prices on our tours are normally adjusted only once a year, in order to accommodate for changes in the general economy (usually inflation is only a few percent). It is the prices indicated on our homepage that always applies, because flyers or promotional materials printed or distributed in the past may contain outdated information.

Price Adjustments

Prices may be adjusted on all tours yearly due to current exchange rates, prices on flights, hotel, bike rentals, activities etc. Our prices are generally adjusted according to the general price adjustments in the economy.

Also what is included in our tour packages may vary from year to year, and you are advised to stay updated by visiting our website @

Booking the trip

You should not book your flights before you have received a written confirmation from us that the tour you have signed up for as our first choice will run on the exact planned dates.

Route 66 International as tour organizer cannot be held liable for any losses incurred due to tickets that have been booked too early.

Due to the huge demand for our Route 66 USA and other tours, we advise that you book ahead of February 20th the latest each year. If you book after February 20th, you risk having to book your flights to the US yourself. If you select to book your own flight while booking/signing up for a tour, you will get a discount on the price of the tour.

If you don’t want to depart from Gardemoen Airport in Oslo together with the guides and the main group, you must book your own flights.

Contact us if you are in a group of at least 20 persons who wish to travel together to and from the tour destinations from Arlanda Airport, Sweden and Kastrup Airport, Denmark.  If at least 20 persons travel together from Stockholm or Copenhagen, the group does not have to come to Oslo first, which may save both time and money.

For groups of over 20 participants who wish to depart from Stockholm or Copenhagen, you must assign a contact person and inform us about this at least 6 months prior to departure.

Travel insurance

By signing up for our trips, participants confirm the understanding of their own responsibility of purchasing their own travel insurance for the period that they will spend on the tour.

You as a participant must have a personal travel insurance and carry the insurance card with you at all times.

Airport Departure

All flights included in our tours depart from Gardemoen Airport in Oslo, Norway.

The tour operator Route 66 International @ cannot be held responsible for financial compensation or other claims in the cases where a participant does not catch the plane, gets re-booked, delays for which the participant him/herself is responsible, flight delays or technical problems. This applies to both outbound and inbound flights.

The tour operator can neither be held responsible for any flight delays or re-booking.

Note: Late bookings of airplane tickets may result in more expensive prices. It is advisable to search for affordable tickets well ahead of time, and this is also your responsibility as a participant.

When you are flying together with us from Gardemoen Airport in Norway, you are responsible for meeting up on time for the departure. If you fail to do so, you must find and cover alternative transportation to the USA. We recommend to be at Gardemoen Airport 3 hours ahead where one of our guides will meet up with you.

Also see information Before you travel

Vehicle rentals and driver's licence

You as a participant are responsible for signing your own rental agreement with the assigned vehicle rental company. There is normally a minimum age limit of 21 years to rent a Harley in the USA, and a driver’s licence is mandatory.

If you wish to rent a car, the minimum age limit to rent a car is 25 years for open-top cars. Cars fall into various classifications and there are several options that you can choose from on the day that we visiting the rental company.

You need to inform us of your first and also second choice of motorcycle, as it is difficult to guarantee 100% that everyone gets their first choice. 99% usually get their first choice, especially those travelling with a passenger.

Also see information at The bikes and the cars

Risk and behaviour

By signing up for our trip, you as a participant are confirming the understanding of that motorcycling may involve risk. You travel on your own risk, and Route 66 International as tour operator cannot be sued or held accountable for unforeseen accidents during the trip, for adjustments in price, changes made to the day plans, flight times or any cancellations caused by natural disasters, terrorism or other unanticipated events.

You are also responsible for behaving appropriately, both on the road and otherwise. The tour operator cannot be held responsible for possible damages or accidents that may occur along the way from irresponsibility of you as a participant. Nor is the tour operator responsible if you as a participant are involved in an accident during the trip.

Everyone must accept the tour guide’s prerogative to send home any participants that poses a danger to themselves or others.

Communication and participation

Participants are responsible for meeting up at agreed times, or inform the guide in the case of an absence. To create the most enjoyable atmosphere on the trip, we are concerned with keeping the meeting times decided by the group. If anyone wishes to drive on their own, the guide needs to be informed.


You as a participant is responsible for your own luggage and seeing to that it is carried in and out of the accompanying vehicles and hotel rooms. You are also responsible for your motorcycle, to lock it properly and park safely as advised by the tour guide.

While riding with our groups, your blood alcohol level have to be in accordance with American traffic laws.

In the large majority of American states the use of helmet and safety goggles is mandatory. When using rental bikes, your must always wear a helmet and approved bike-gear.

You as a participant are responsible for ensuring that special rules are followed in natural reserves and parks. Also take note that it is prohibited to bring fruit into the state of California.

Motorcycling and risk

By signing up for our trip, participants are confirming the understanding of that motorcycling may involve risk. All participants travel at their own risk, and Route 66 International as tour operator cannot be sued or held accountable for unforeseen accidents during the trip, for adjustments in price, changes made to the day plans, flight times or any cancellations caused by natural disasters, terrorism or other unanticipated events.

Route 66 International as tour operator is not responsible if a participant is involved in an accident during the trip.


The package tour price is based on staying in double rooms at selected hotels. If you want to stay in a single room, you must pay an additional fee. The standard of the rooms are the same as the double-rooms. Please note that this price might be adjusted from year to year. If you are riding on your own and don’t wish to share a room with another participant, you must pay an additional fee.

If there are any issues with any of the hotel rooms, immediately inform your guide, who will then address the problem or arrange a new room.

If you are single and wish to share rooms with a particular person, you must notify us in advance. Otherwise we will arrange a roommate for those who select double rooms and don’t have a specific roommate preference.

Children under 15-18 years

If you travel as a participant with children under 18 years of age, you have to bring their birth certificate or a document that demonstrates permission to travel to the USA with the child. (This is particularly important for divorced parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.)

Children under 15 years may sleep in the same hotel room as their parents, but you have to inform us ahead about this.

If you have allergies

If you have food allergies that make you can not eat with the rest of the group, and therefore can not take advantage of the scheme, let us know about it at least 3 months prior to departure.

Very few hotels in the USA have allergy-free rooms. All our rooms are non-smoking. If you by a mistake have been placed into a smoking-permitted room, please inform the guide or the hotel reception.

Breakfast is included at most hotels, but not all.

Program changes

We reserve the right to make changes in the day programs, prices, the length of the tours, dates, exhibitions and itineraries. We also reserve the right to replace, if needed, the tour leader that is originally scheduled for the trip. By signing up for any of our tours, you confirm that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

In the case of unforeseen events, the tour operator may undertake necessary changes in the tour program (itinerary, accommodation etc.)

Cancellation and absense

In the case of illness resulting in your absence, you will be covered by your private travel insurance or cancellation insurance.

If your entire trip is not paid within 3 months prior to the trip, you will be crossed off the list.

There is a risk that the original travel dates are pushed a few days forward or back depending on when there are flights available to/from the US. You will be informed ahead of time if travel dates are, for whatever reason, changed. If you are no longer able to participate due to travel date changes, the order will be considered cancelled.

If not enough people sign up for one particular trip, the trip may be cancelled. In such cases, participants will be offered spots with other groups.

If you have to cancel late because of illness, you will be covered by your private insurance.

Complaints and refunds

Generally, participants cannot claim compensation or refunds during the tour, or after the tour has been completed.

When you as participant believes to have a reason to complain with regards to the trip, contact the tour guide who will help you and try to resolve the problem. If a resolution can not be reached, you waive your right to file a complaint upon your return from the tour. If you wish to file a complaint, you must leave us a written complaint no longer than 1 week after the trip has ended.

Comments made on the survey handed out at the end of the trip will not be considered a formal complaint.

Copyright photo and video

Unless our guides receive a written documentation during the course of the trip with a request that certain photos/videos should not be posted publicly, no one can, in hindsight, claim honorariums or remunerations for images on our website.

General conditions that apply to our company:
By participating in tours organized by Route 66 International, you as participant have fully understood and accepted that images of you will be published in photos and videos that we upload onto our website @ and the films that are made and sent to participants after the tour is completed.

Neither private persons, photographers or film photographers can in hindsight claim honorarium for published photos that have been made accessible for

Photos that you receive from us can also not be used for commercial purposes without our logo appearing on the photos.

Copy/theft of the travel concept

In order to protect our concept, we emphasize the following: By signing up to our trip, you as participant confirm that you will not attempt to steal the tour concept of Route 66 International with means to establish competing tours on Route 66 USA. By “competing tours”, we refer to commercial travel trips/tours according to our unique concept from LA-Chicago and vice versa, advertising it as a Route 66 USA tour. Your signing up to our tours confirms that you fully understand that any such attempts to copy our concept will be followed by legal measures.

This agreement contains clear and concrete descriptions stating that you cannot copy/establish a competing business concept, i.e. organize motorcycle tours or car tours on Route 66 USA after having participated in our unique concept tour on the route described on our homepage

By signing up, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of participation in our tours as described in this Protection of the Concept document:

Protection of the concept –Agreement (PDF link)

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