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Why should you travel with us?

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Full package - airplane, hotel, Harley, gasoline and Norwegian guides

When you travel with us you get a full package which include flight, hotel, Harley, gasoline, two Norwegian guides etc for a whole 20 days (from departure to return). This is included on all our tours, unless otherwise specified.

All flights to and from the United States are included. At other tour companies, you have to arrange your own flight to the United States. With us, you do not have to. Everything is included in the price of the tour package.

We also have two Norwegian highly experienced guides. Our guide on all tours marked 1A and 2A on Route 66 USA, Helge Njå, has run over 77 trips (by September 2017) on Route 66 USA and runs a total of 10 tours for us each year. Gasoline all the way is included. We fill up your bike while you get something to eat or drink.

We are filming your adventure – a professionally edited 66-minute documentary film of your tour is included in the trip.

10,000 satisfied customers on 300 trips

We have had over 10,000 satisfied customers on over 300 trips on Route 66 USA since 2003.

With Route 66 International, you get the safest and the longest experience also are we are taking you on two-way roads across almost all of America. Through desert, traffic, million cities, wasteland, thousands of intersections we take you on a trip of nearly 5000 km.

When you choose us, you choose the best company with the most experience and the best guides.

Longer and better trip

In short, we have a longer and better trip (all 20 days of the adventure from departure to return on Los Angeles-Chicago tours), with better and more experienced guides.

We have many more experiences (cowboy, indians, movies about your trip, food & entertainment, Harley drive to Milwaukee etc). We simply have many more and better experiences. (No other organizers in Norway, the Nordic region or worldwide have this).

We ride Harley-Davidson to the Harley-Davidson Museum

We ride Harley-Davidson to the world’s best Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. It’s like riding a Harley to Mecca. You do not take a bus or train to Harley-Davidson’s birthplace. You are riding a Harley-Davidson to the birthplace of Harley-Davidson.

Real cowboys and indians

Cowboy ranch includes rodeo, lasso school, show of how a cowboy ropes a steer from his horse, the world’s best American cowboy BBQ / food etc. You’re a cowboy for a day!

Indian Reservation. You see how real Indians live today. Food and drink are included.

The best and largest companies choose us

You choose the company that all the biggest Norwegian companies choose when they want a safe company to take care of their customers: DNB (Norway’s largest bank), Santander, Klarna, Defense (NVIO), Statoilhydro, RBK (Rosenborg, Norway’s best football club), ATL (The Authorized Traffic Trainer Association), Adresseavisen, Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper, next to VG), Autofil / Aller / Egmont (Nordens største ukeblad-konsern), Storefjell hotel (among the largest in Norway at Christmas parties and company parties), Norden’s biggest country festivals, Berg-Hansen (and several of Norway’s largest travel agencies), TV 2 (Norway’s largest commercial TV channel), the world’s largest independent Harley Davidson club, Harley-Davidson Club Sweden and Harley-Davidson Club Finland (HDCF), and many, many others.

All of these choose safety and security. They choose us. Choose us too.

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